Sunday 17 March 2024



Join Christopher Robin and his friends Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore as they embark on ‘Pooh’s Magical Journey’.

All your favourite original characters return to the Hundred Acre Wood in this larger-than-life stage production celebrating the 100-year anniversary of AA Milne’s beloved creation.

All the characters are live on stage as you sing a long, laugh, reminisce, and enjoy this unmissable journey through time. Pooh Bear Live is the perfect blend of magic, music, comedy, theatre and special effects all rolled into one Magical Journey.



ADMIT: $79 + booking fees
FAMILY (two adults + two children or one adult + three children): $237 + booking fees

ADMIT: $65 + booking fees
FAMILY (two adults + two children or one adult + three children): $195 + booking fees

ADMIT: $45 + booking fees
FAMILY (two adults + two children or one adult + three children): $135 + booking fees


House Information

OUR TERMS & CONDITIONS Refer our Terms & Conditions


We pride ourselves on being one of the most accessible venues in the city. We have flat access through our main doors and staff are more than happy to help with the doors if needed. Taxis can drop off and pick up patrons from outside these doors and we can order a taxi for you after the show. There are accessible toilets on the lower level and a roomy lift provides access both to these facilities and to the Stalls seating. Seats in the Circle are accessed via several flights of stairs so we recommend patrons with mobility difficulties book seats in the Stalls. We have seven dedicated wheelchair spaces. We also have opera glasses available for hire for $5 at the Box Office – just ask when you come in. We encourage our patrons to discuss their needs with us so we can ensure they enjoy the show.

Bar Service

Our bars have a selection of New Zealand wines and beers as well as juices, water, light snacks and ice creams. The bars will be closed five minutes before the show’s published start time.

Theatre Etiquette

People come to the Regent Theatre to have a great night out. So everyone has a good time, we ask all our patrons to be courteous to those around them.

  • Please turn off all your electronic devices before you come into the auditorium.
  • If you have taken snacks from our bar back to your seat, try not to rustle when the house lights go down.
  • If you are late to a show, get comfortable in our bar area until we can turn the house lights back on so you can find your seat.
  • Camera flashes occasionally make performers stumble – over their lines or their feet – so we prefer that you don’t use flash (or any other) photography.
  • Please keep your feet on the floor – someone counting the beat on the back of your seat can be distracting.
  • Dancing in the aisles sounds like fun but it might make our Circle collapse. If you really need to dance (and it’s the right sort of show), please book seats in the Stalls or make your way out to the foyer.
  • We encourage you to introduce your children to the arts, but please also teach them to watch and listen quietly and peacefully.
17 The Octagon, Dunedin 9016 Otago, New Zealand
PO Box 5036, Dunedin, 9058
Mon-Fri 9.00am – 5.00pm Box office is also open one hour before shows