Genre Fluid


Saturday 16 March 2024




Genre Fluid tours New Zealand in March 2024 with Arts On Tour NZ and is a unique fusion of contemporary music and theatre. With their unique synergy on stage, the Nelson-based duo perform a combination of high-energy rock funk anthems and improvised acts; morphing style, sound and character into a captivating experience for all ages to groove and be moved.

The show will be split into two halves with the first being delivered predominately as improvised songs and sonic landscapes using guitar, drum machine, and vocals. The second set will be a selection songs from their debut album, ‘The Groova Meista’, independently released in April 2023.

The duo consists of Wellington-born vocalist and performance artist, Silk Satin Suede, and Nelsonborn multi-instrumentalist and looping artist, Bosho. Their journey began in 2020 where they quickly found a synergy within improvised music in Bo’s jam room in Nelson, New Zealand. Both heavily inspired by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads and Fat Freddy’s Drop, all Genre Fluid songs are born with the channelling of one feeling and the passion of another; contributing to a multigenre’d catalog of music.

Genre Fluid’s engaging theatrical street performances found them early local success, becoming well recognised for their creative musicality in live looping, improvisation, theatrics, humour, and their ability to adapt to all environments, making them an act well-loved by all ages. This has led them to playing on festival stages and opening for legendary Kiwi artists such as Julia Deans, Mako Road, The Narcs and Albi & The Wolves.



ADULT: $40 + booking fees
CHILD (16 & under): $30 + booking fees
SENIOR/STUDENT: $35 + booking fees
BAR LEANER PACKAGE (4 bar leaner seats, bottle of wine & snacks): $180 + booking fees

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House Information


We pride ourselves on being one of the most accessible venues in the city. We have flat access through the studio doors. Taxis can drop off and pick up patrons from outside the front of the theatre and we can order a taxi for you after the show. There are accessible toilets and lift access to the studio. If you have any concerns or questions regarding accessing the studio please get in touch with our friendly staff.

Bar Service

Our bar has a selection of New Zealand wines and beers as well as juices, water and light snacks. The bars will be closed five minutes before the show’s published start time.

Theatre Etiquette

People come to the Regent Theatre to have a great night out. So everyone has a good time, we ask all our patrons to be courteous to those around them.

  • Please turn off all your electronic devices before you come into the auditorium.
  • If you have taken snacks from our bar back to your seat, try not to rustle when the house lights go down.
  • If you are late to a show, get comfortable in our bar area until we can turn the house lights back on so you can find your seat.
  • Camera flashes occasionally make performers stumble – over their lines or their feet – so we prefer that you don’t use flash (or any other) photography.
  • Please keep your feet on the floor – someone counting the beat on the back of your seat can be distracting.
  • Dancing in the aisles sounds like fun but it might make our Circle collapse. If you really need to dance (and it’s the right sort of show), please book seats in the Stalls or make your way out to the foyer.
  • We encourage you to introduce your children to the arts, but please also teach them to watch and listen quietly and peacefully.
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