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Friday 20th May and Saturday 21 May – 10am to 5pm daily:
Regent Theatre stage…

Big News!  We still have quite literally hundreds of cartons of books that never even made it out of the store, not to mention all the ‘anything but books’ items like DVDs, toys and magazines. To clear the decks, we are planning to hold another sale in May.  This will be a Giant $1 Sale with no restrictions of numbers and free entry!

Not only books – magazines, comics, DVDs, toys, CDs & vinyl will be for sale with all items $1 and less with deals on bulk purchases.

Make sure you follow our Facebook pages in the lead up to the sale:
@regentdunedin    and    @regentbooksaledunedin
to keep up to date with all the news from the stacks and giveaways!! 

Bring your bags or boxes and load up on the bargains!

No tickets or vaccine passes required but we do encourage everyone to wear a mask please.

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Otago, New Zealand

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